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Jan 24,  · Re: problematic truss rods special edition Post by aceonbass» Tue Jan 22, pm But the rods are in the channel along a specific curve that, unlike the older truss rod design, usually leaves the rod nuts sticking slightly upward in the truss rod cavity.

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WARNING: Don't do this if you don't feel comfortable! Clamping down the bass in preparation for the truss rod adjustment. After searching in vain entirely tool long for the right tool to adjust your Rickenbacker bass or guitar truss rod. I just wanted to quickly share what you n. Jan 20,  · Rickenbacker Forum, Amplifier, Bass and Guitar Register RRF Rickenbacker Forums Rickenbacker Basses: by Joey Vasco & Tony Cabibe. Truss Rod .

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Dec 07,  · Posts: Joined: Tue Jul 09, am. Re: can't adjust truss rods on basses. by aceonbass» Mon May 25, am. Using a grinder or a file, . 1 day ago · Rickenbacker's electric bass, AC Al Cisneros model! The bassist of the legendary Stoner rock band Sleep, a rare model limited to pieces worldwide! Truss Rod: Single two-way adjusting Output Type: Mono Machine Heads: Schaller Deluxe Thumb Rest: Removable at base of neck.